Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We are back!! After a few months of being away I am at it again...gonna try anyway :) thanks Hil for my new blog look! I love love love it! 

First things first little miss! She is doing great. We have officially diverted surgery and she is growing like a weed. She is eating EVERYTHING and doing so great. She is crawling and almost almost walking, she stands up in the middle of the room and taunts us. So fun to watch her grow and learn. I saw a blog I loved yesterday that gave me a fun idea for Ava's updates. Thanks Kim Millard I love how you have your girls "isms" at the side of your blog that's so cute. 

Ava does this all the time, it cracks us up. It started as just showing us her teeth and now she does a little breathing thing with it. Had to share. 

Speaking of her teeth, Ava's grown a little snaggle tooth. It came in before the top middle two so she has a little random tooth that sticks out when she smiles. 

What you've all been waiting for,my surgery update... Last Friday may have been the start to a very great future. Thanks Shelly, Dad, Aaron and Miss Ava for being there with me. Surgery was four days ago and I am finally starting to feel like a normal person, minus this incessant nagging pain in the Netherlands (LOL that's for you Shelly). Who would've thought a surgery ending in ectomy could be so painful. :) Really though I am feeling much much better and would like to publicly thank my best friend Hillary Williams for helping me so much the last five days. She has cooked, cleaned, loved and did so much for my little family! Hil we love you and could not have done this without your love and support, my sanity thanks you. 

Thank you Anna, Billie Jo, and Juliana for awesome dinners the last two nights. You guys are the best! We appreciate all of our great neighbors and friends. Here's to healing very very soon...