Sunday, September 11, 2011

Family Pictures

Shelly and Me

Grandma and Grandpa and the Grand kids


Shelly and Nathan

Shelly and Addie

The WHOLE family

Shelly and Ava

Ava and Mommy

Daddy and Ava 

   We finally got new family pictures taken. It was so much fun. Connor Holt met us at wheeler farm and took them for us and did such a great job!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No more hospitals!!!

  Aaron and I have spent the last few days at Primary Children's Hospital with our little Ava who decided that pooping was not on her list of things to do this last week. We went through test after test...upper GI, barium Enema, x-rays....unmentionable finger exams and the works...finally ending up at the pediatric surgeons today. We were grateful to hear that he thought all the other doctors we saw were full of you know what and that he was sending us home to observe her just a little longer...sure enough she pooped on her own tonight!'s for hoping for no surgery this week. As long as she continues on this path and doesn't back track to what we went through last week we are on the road to recovery.
  Ava is a great baby! She only cries when she is hungry or has a wet diaper and she is super calm and peaceful which we have been warned will give us a very vicious 2 year old...apparently you cant have a really good baby and a good toddler. :) Either way we love her so much and are so grateful to have her in our lives!

Ava's Blessing

   We blessed Ava on Sunday June 5th. Aaron gave her a very special blessing and Aaron and I had the opportunity to bear our testimonies afterward. Grandma Carolyn made amazing “baby cakes” and rolls and thanks to Tana for bringing all the paper goods and salads. Thank you to everyone who brought something to share the food was amazing and it was so fun to have all of our family and friends there to enjoy it with us! What a special day, and what a blessing to have a worthy priesthood holder in our home to preform such a special thing for our little girl. 

Ava in her dress that Aunt Aleen helped me make
Grandma Carolyn's baby cakes

Our little Family

Grandma and Grandpa Holt

Grandpa Gordy and Grandma Carolyn

Grandma Barrios

Daddy and Ava

First few days of life....

Ava did great in the hospital and we had so many fun people come see us! 

Ava's First Bath..she didnt love it, and neither did Aaron

Look at all that dark hair!

I was totally anti pacifier until our second night and a nurse gave it to her, but all turned out well and we haven't had any confusion between that and feeding :)

Favorite Aunt Shelly

Uncle Terry came to visit

And so did Auntie Lacie Marie

Those first few nights were a real tough go....

All bundled up in the blanket Auntie Sandie made for her

  We had a great experience in the hospital! Great nurses all around! Thanks Erin and all the postpartum nurses who helped us out. And Shanaz although you frightened my husband that first few minutes of Miss Ava's life we do appreciate all the help and kindness you showed us that second day in MNBC.

Where did the last few months go....

Ahhh this last few months just flew right by as the blog slid by the wayside....but here we go to update all on our goings on....

Ava Marie Barrios was born on May 2nd 2011 at 517 P.M. 7lb 4oz and 21inches
   Aaron and I woke up bright and early Monday May 2nd 2011 to head to the hospital for our 39 week scheduled induction. We got to the hospital fashionably late at 750 am. The process got started right away...Erin Cazier our amazing nurse was on the ball from start to finish. We started the pitocin and shortly found that it made my contractions too close and too painful to continue without an epidural. Contraction I could do (I had several months of practice) but every minute or so was a bit too much. Our anesthesiologist was busy with another case in the O.R. so off went the pitocin until they were available. Roughly around 11:00 I was able to get the epidural and had my water broken. Within about an hour and a half I was 5cm and on my way to having little Ava. And two hours later sure enough I was complete and ready to start pushing. We started pushing at 4:00 pm and along came Miss Ava at 517.....during the process I got a labor infection called Chorio and had a real struggle breathing...when Ava was born they rushed her off to get her checked out do to her lack of crying and the grunting she continued to make. I was so grateful to have Erin there, I was frightened and confused when they took my little girl away and have Erin there understanding exactly how I was feeling was a great comfort. 
  Little Ava came back to me within a half an hour or so and we were able to breast feed and do skin to skin. Thank you to all of the amazing staff who helped in my delivery, who reassured and coached me and made it a great experience. ANd thank you to my amazing supportive husband Aaron and sister Shelly. I could not have done this without you! We will never forget at the end of my pushing when Shelly said, " Now I realize this isn't about me, but I feel I'm doing rather well." Shelly did unbelievably well, and when Aaron was too focused to help count she was there counting through my contractions and insuring all was well in the "netherlands" Love you Shelly! 

Mommy all sorts of swollen at the beginning of the induction
Aaron and I with little Ava once they brought her back to me
Baby Ava Marie Barrios

Little Ava was born with so much hair!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ava and Mommy update

Ava gave us quite a scare yesterday...or should I say my body did. Regular contractions and a changed cervix is not the way to start out your morning. I am now home on pretty strict bed rest at 1cm and pretty thinned out. Lets just keep this little lady inside for another month please :) I will update as things here's hoping for no change in the next 4 weeks.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ava's Nursery

Bassinet and Changing Table
Super cute lamp that matches the room
So many clothes...but realized we have nothing new born size. 

Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper bag! Thanks Shelly!
Fun Shoes, Diapers and a hamper to match
And the final piece~ the rug

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Baby Ava Update....

Ive made it to almost 32 weeks and had the funnest shower today thanks to Hillary Williams, Aubrey Schow, and Magali Cromar! Thanks ladies! And thank you to everyone who showed up! It was perfect!

The nursery is now complete and we are so grateful to have everything set up and ready to go...of course we still need a few odds and ends, like a car seat and a few other things but so far so to just keep little Ava inside just a bit longer...

I have been put on pretty strict restrictions, meaning 4 hours of work Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays and then bed rest when I'm not at work on my days off and after work. I've got some funky heart issue going on that is making my blood pressure go sky high and is causing contractions. ( haha those of you at the shower got to see if first hand...sorry about that) 

The plan is to keep going as I'm going until I either feel better (wishful thinking) or until it gets worse which would mean strict bed rest only. I would really like to make it to 37 weeks until that happens so that I can help Aaron out at least a little bit. 

And a much needed plug for my great husband! Who has been doing everything and then some, including all the housework, working extra hours at work to help us financially, and all those little things he does to try and keep me sane. He has been so so great! I could not have asked for a better man at this time of my life! Lets just say that I don't cope well with "lying" around and he is being so great about it! 

Laguna Beach....

Aaron and I finally got our honeymoon to Laguna Beach, California, and what a great trip! The journey there was a bit rough with contractions starting in Vegas and lasting throughout but we made it and got do everything we wanted too. 
 Aaron and I at the Beach       

For those of you Laguna Beach lovers...our best part of our trip was the food, next to being on the beach of course. We went to El Torito in Dana Point a few too many times, and Jonny Rockets down on Main beach. I definitely could have lived on their shakes! Nothing better than a Shake and a big juicy hamburger! We absolutely loved our much needed vacation! 
Aaron and I at Jonny Rockets
The witches castle at the end of our beach
Pretty dolphins in the fun
Aaron and I at Newport Beach
We missed out on the Naval yard but got to tour through the Queen Mary
Absolutely loved sea world!
The beach houses
haha had to add one of these....

 So much fun....we were so not looking forward to coming home to snow!