Monday, December 6, 2010

What a month....

Our Little Tree :)
  November went by way too fast for us and now a just a few weeks till Christmas. Shopping is all done thanks to our first black Friday adventure. We put up our Tree the day after Thanksgiving and we love it....I think we will wait to buy decorations till after Christmas and decorate better next year, my ploy to save a little money. 
Aaron, Lincoln, Allie at Temple Square 

   Thanksgiving went well at mom and dads. It was just a quiet bunch with Aaron and me, Terry and Shelly, and Aunt Kathy. Dinner was pretty much amazing and then we went to Harry Potter with Bill and Emily and the kids. It was great to have such a pleasant holiday. 
Aaron and I
Shelly and Aaron
   Baby Ava is doing great, growing like she should and changing so much every time we go to the doctors. Its fun to see the change and to see how quickly she begins to look like a little baby with hands and feet and a little nose. Truthfully the fun part is the look on Aaron's face when he gets to see whats inside this growing tummy of mine. )Somehow my stomach keeps getting bigger and I have only gained about 4 pounds?? Not really sure how that works but glad that baby is as big as she aught to be and everything is ok) 
  Now to start the countdown to Christmas and now to figure out what to do for our pre-baby real honeymoon. Im thinking we will definitely have to figure out a way to get down to the beach in the next few months.